Shaping the future of veterinary care, together

Who we are

AniCura is a leading provider of veterinary care in Europe. Since 2011, AniCura’s dedicated professionals have been providing peace of mind to millions of pet owners and striving to achieve the best outcome for every pet that comes into their care. AniCura was born out of the philosophy that sharing resources can create opportunities for better veterinary care and outcomes. Our continued dedication to this cause and broad spectrum of high-quality services have made AniCura a natural choice for pet owners throughout Europe. Today, AniCura’s network includes almost 500 clinics across 15 countries in Europe providing high quality care to over 4.5 million pets each year.

Our Purpose

Pets make our world better. We have the responsibility of providing pets and pet owners with best-in-class care, helping to ensure every pet is happy, healthy and welcomed everywhere. Our continued investment in the wellbeing and career development of our veterinary professionals and our advances in medical care, innovation and leadership help us to deliver on our Purpose every day, in every practice, for every pet.

AniCura Services

AniCura’s services include a wide range of high-quality medical services covering preventive and basic health care as well as specialized care, including advanced diagnostics, internal medicine, intensive care, surgery and orthopaedics. AniCura also provides rehabilitation, physiotherapy and dietary advice and offers selected pet food and care products.

Mars Veterinary Health

AniCura has been part of Mars Veterinary Health since 2018. Mars Veterinary Health expands to more than 2,500 clinics worldwide taking care of more than 25 million pets every year. Together, we are able to provide the highest standards in pet care and achieve our collective purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.
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Five Principles

AniCura is a values-based organization. All units that are part of Mars share five guiding principles that guide us in how we interact between us, how we approach customers and our way of working.
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Want to join our family?

AniCura is growing rapidly, and we are looking for motivated and skilled individuals with a passion for pets and pet health.


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