Continuing Education

In AniCura we support and engage all our Associates throughout their career by providing both clinical as non-clinical development opportunities. Driving a culture of continuous learning supports high quality and evidence-based medical care.​ Through AniCura’s Continuing Education (ACE) we offer our Associates a wide range of courses and programmes, online as well as on-site. Many courses are open for all professionals within the veterinary industry, and some only for AniCura’s associates.


ACE is AniCura's concept for education and professional learning and development to ensure a best in class continuing education for all AniCura Associates. It includes a broad range of educational offering covering both medical and non medical development, online as well as on site. Many courses are open for all professionals within the veterinary industry, and some only for AniCura’s associates

Courses and Webinars

Taking place at different European locations, led by well-known lecturers and certified trainers and tailored to a specific medical topic to accelerate learning in a prioritised area.
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ACE Programmes

Through ACE Programmes AniCura offers long-term development through in-depth studies in specific fields of veterinary medicine to obtain a high level of competence and confidence within the chosen field. These programmes are only open for AniCura Associates. Current programmes are the Veterinary Graduate Programme,; Companion Animal Clinical Sciences Surgery Master Programme,; Urgent Care programme; Essential and Emergency Soft Tissue Surgery Programme.

Medical Library

Furthermore, as part of Mars Veterinary Health, AniCura Associates have access to an online Medical Library with access to over 2000 university-equivalent journals, more than 600 textbooks as well as biomedical databases all related to veterinary medicine as well as to a virtual campus that provides access to on-demand, continuous learning and resources for all MVH Associates. Topics range from Medical Quality & Safety to Health & Wellbeing and Leadership, among others.


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