AniCura presents its Quality and Sustainability Report for 2021 – continuously reducing the usage of antibiotics

AniCura, one of Europe’s leading providers of high-quality veterinary care for companion animals, releases its seventh annual quality and sustainability report covering the developments in quality, sustainability and patient safety as well as a further reduction of antibiotic use among AniCura’s clinics. Intense work on wiser use of antibiotics, started in 2016 has gain momentum, the prescription rate has declined with 50% from 2016 to 2021.

AniCura was born out of the idea that sharing resources creates opportunities for better veterinary care. 10 years later, AniCura has grown into one of Europe’s leading veterinary care providers with 11,000 Associates that provide modern, high-quality veterinary care for 3.6 million pets annually.

AniCura has issued an annual report containing the developments in quality and sustainability within our company since 2015. The main goal is to share the learnings from AniCura´s work and provide insights as part of AniCura´s ambition to make A Better World for Pets by shaping the future of veterinary care.

-     In our 7th edition of the Quality and Sustainability Report we are pleased to be able to highlight several initiatives that drive change and knowledge within AniCura, especially many of which are being spearheaded by our engaged and innovative Associates, says Azita Shariati CEO AniCura.

Focus on continuous development and quality of care

Over the years, AniCura has focused on continuous advancement veterinary care as well as sharing resources to create opportunities for better veterinary care.

In 2021, AniCura continued to improve as a provider of modern, high-quality veterinary care for pets despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And as always, protecting Associate safety remained a top priority, including expanded pay and benefits to help Associates care for themselves and their families for COVID-19 related circumstances.

-     To be a place that veterinary professionals want to join, stay, and grow, among various other offerings, we provide advanced postgraduate education in collaboration with leading universities and invested in research and equipment in our clinics to promote better care for pets today and in the future, says Azita Shariati.

Improving sustainability efforts through care for people, pets, and the planet

As AniCura keep growing and evolving, the company will focus even more on improving our sustainability efforts. In addition to developing our AniCura Sustainability Roadmap for Healthy Planet, we remain dedicated to promoting wise antibiotic use. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are one of the biggest threats to humanity today and can spread among animals, humans, and the environment. 

-     For the 6th consecutive year, AniCura measured use of systemic antibiotics. Since the start, the use of antibiotics in our clinics has continuously declined, with an overall reduction from 7,7% in 2020 to 7,0% during 2021. I am happy to report AniCura is continuously trending towards our goal of 5% use of antibiotics in 2030,” concludes Azita Shariati.


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