AniCura has performed its 7th survey on antibiotic use – further actions are needed to reach five percent goal in 2030

This week marks the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) and limiting the antibiotic resistance through ensuring wiser antibiotics usage is one of AniCura’s top priorities. Last week, AniCura released its annual study on systemic antibiotic use in AniCura’s animal clinics and hospitals. This is the seventh year in a row that AniCura completes this survey, and while the number of participating clinics continues to increase, the usage of antibiotics remains at low levels.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are one of the biggest threats to humanity today, and it is possible for resistance to spread among animals, humans, and the environment. Fighting antibiotic resistance is a priority for AniCura and several measures have been initiated to reach the ambitious goal of reducing the antibiotic use to 5 % by 2030 meaning in 2030, 5% of the dogs in AniCura will receive systemic antibiotics. In QualiCura, AniCura’s quality program, there are several focus areas addressing this issue. In addition to ensuring wiser antibiotic use, QualiCura also focuses on securing proper infection prevention and control.

Last week AniCura presented its annual study on systemic antibiotic use. These yearly studies are part of AniCura´s ambition to make a better world for pets by shaping the future of veterinary care. The study released last week showed that the prescription of antibiotics has decreased to 8,5% compared to back in 2016 when AniCura conducted its first study. In seven years’ time the prescription of antibiotics have decreased from 14% to 8,5%. Over 197 clinics in 12 countries participated in this study based on 29,056 dogs.

- We at AniCura have a big responsibility, as we are treating more than 3.6 million patients annually. As we grow with an increased number of clinics, we will continue to put a lot of emphasis and focus on ensuring a wiser antibiotics usage, and we will continue to measure our progress through our annual surveys, says Jacques Bonin, Chief Medical Officer at AniCura.

Increased compliance to AniCura´s guidelines for antibiotic use is needed

To further ensure wiser antibiotic use in the company, AniCura´s strategic group for antibiotic use, produced guidelines for the most common indications of systemic antibiotic use. These guidelines included surgical antibiotic prophylaxis, wound infections and abscesses, gastro-intestinal disorders, skin infections, urinary tract infections, dental procedures, and lower and upper respiratory diseases. Together with a written document, the recommendations were presented in webinars to further enhance best quality of care.

In 2018, AniCura set an ambitious goal for responsible antibiotic use in dogs, aiming for only 5% of dogs receiving antibiotic treatment by 2030. Although we have seen progress since the first annual study in 2016, further efforts are needed to reach this goal. The awareness and compliance to AniCura antibiotic guidelines must be emphasized to ensure that every time antibiotics are prescribed, their use is justified and necessary. It is only through ongoing education and constantly driving awareness that progress will continue to be achieved in this critical area.

About the study

AniCura's study was conducted during a week in October 2022, where 197 clinics participated in 12 countries, which included 29,056 dogs. On average, 8,5% of the dogs received antibiotics. The complete results will be published in AniCura’s Quality & Sustainability Report 2022.

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