The AniCura Research Fund celebrates over 60 clinical research projects during its first five years

By gathering leading veterinary competence, and focusing on continuous development of quality and service, AniCura’s vision is to shape the future of veterinary care. Hence, The AniCura Research Fund plays a vital role in advance clinical research in the industry. Since 2015, over 60 clinical research projects have been granted funding. As of 2019, AniCura's Research Fund has doubled in size, by support of Mars Veterinary Health.

-     Continuous development, and specialization among our 2,800 veterinarians have always been in focus for AniCura. It helps us to provide the highest possible quality of care to pet owners in all of our 350 clinics across Europe. Moreover, it allows us to attract and retain the best veterinarians. AniCura being a part of Mars Veterinary Health, a family-owned company focused on veterinary care, will allow us to increase our efforts within clinical research over the coming years, says Azita Shariati, Group CEO for AniCura.

Focus on high scientific standards

All applications are reviewed by AniCura’s Scientific Council. The council was established in 2013 and is, in addition to overseeing the Research Fund, tasked with promoting evidence-based care, quality assurance and research strategy across AniCura. The AniCura Scientific Council comprises leading specialist veterinarians across multiple medical disciplines and countries.

-     With over three million pet patient visits every year, AniCura has a unique position to further advance veterinary medicine. Clinical studies provide the foundation for evidence-based medicine across Europe. For this reason, investments in research studies continues to be of high interest to AniCura and its veterinary professionals, like this year’s projects which address issues such as natural SARS-CoV-2 infection in animals, biomarkers in multicentric lymphoma and transmucosal bacterial translocation in dogs with protein losing enteropathy, says Bernhard Gerber, Chairman of AniCura’s Scientific Council.

18 research projects awarded funding in 2020

In the last five years AniCura has invested almost 600,000 euros in research grants. More than 25% of the research projects over the five years have been published in peer reviewed journals. Within the coming years, AniCura’s goal is to increase publication rate to at least half of the funded projects.

With more than 30 research project applications in 2020, 18 veterinary research projects were awarded financial support from AniCura’s Research Fund.

Visit for the complete list of research projects that receive funding from AniCura’s Research Fund in 2020:

For more information, please contact:

Bernhard Gerber, Chairman of AniCura’s Scientific Council, +41 78 689 43 70

Marc Verburgh, Acting Chief Medical Officer AniCura, +31 621 61 30 13

Linda Nyberg, Group Corporate Affairs & Brand Director AniCura, +46 760 06 19 15

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