Medical Training 2024 South/East

Warm Welcome to 1.5 days of medical training, knowledge sharing and networking!

This training is intended for Medical Managers and Regional Medical Partners.  

The aim for these days is to train you in: 

  • QualiCura standards and how to bring them to life in clinics
  • APSIS: How to do an event review, how to train APSIS-responsible persons in clinics and what to do with the data...
  • How to perform a clinical audit 
  • LAB: senior campaign, digital cytology, lab growth, market plans

Our ambition is also to have a good time together and strengthen our network!

These two days will be held at the hotel and at AniCura Novara. The meeting is expected to start on February 7th by 12:30 and end on February 8th 18:00 sharp (please do not leave early).  

We will book and pay hotel rooms for you; please make sure to fill in the details of the need below. We will divide participants between Hotel Novaello Resort and Spa or Hotel La Bussola depending on hotel availability.  

The recommended airport is Milano Malpensa, the transfer cost €99 for 8 people sharing the same taxi, it's a special rate for us so you have to say it's for MVH training centre. The contact person is Stefano Ventura, Tel. +39 348-2920383, Email. Please arrange your travel from the airport to Novara by yourself. 

Please book your own flights and add travel details below. 

About this course

Via Dante Graziosi, 3 - Ingresso Gate 3, 28060, Granozzo con Monticello, Novara


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