Foundation in Small Animal Anaesthesia, Autumn 2024

Getting to know your tools to build a solid foundation in small animal anaesthesia.

The aim of this online course is to acquire a solid basic knowledge and competency in small animal anaesthesia that allows the veterinarian or veterinary nurse to perform safe and adequate anaesthesia in healthy small animal patients with a high standard of care.

The course language is English. There is a maximum of 25 participants to allow for interactive discussions.

Eva Eberspächer-Schweda, DVM, Certified Specialist, Dipl ACVAA (American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia) See subpage 'Lecturer' for more information. Eva has been our preferred speaker in earlier ACE courses "First Day Competencies in Anaesthesia"  and "Advanced Anaesthesia". These two courses are now developed into this "Foundation-course" and two "More in Anaesthesia" also arranegd by ACE.  
Veterinary nurses and veterinarians just starting or with some experience in small animal anaesthesia as well as more advanced veterinary nurses and veterinarians that want to brush up their basic knowledge.

This course offers a comprehensive introduction and overview on small animal anaesthesia and analgesia. All important aspects will be covered, starting with the anaesthesia machine, monitoring and common complications, anaesthetic and analgesic drugs, overall perioperative management and anaesthesia protocols in healthy dogs and cats. Lots of examples, case discussions, demonstrations and also small homework assignments are included.

This online course is set up in six live online modules with weekly Monday webinars from 8.15 - 13.00/15.00. Between modules there are small homework assignments to be completed. Quizzes and other online activities are included in the course. 

For a good online experience a computer and a stable internet connection is required, a headset is also recommended. The participants are expected to take part interactively, on camera, during all of the webinar sessions. Detailed instructions will be sent out approximately one week before the start of the course. A course certificate requires attendance to all modules and completed assignments and is sent after completion of the course. 

After the course the participants will:

- understand the parts and function of the anaesthesia machine and are able to troubleshoot in case of problems
- know the commonly used monitoring devices and understand the information/numbers displayed
- be able to interpret abnormal findings and have an idea how to prevent and treat common complications
- understand the effects and side effects of anaesthetic and analgesic drugs
- be able to weigh advantages and disadvantages of drug protocols for individual healthy patients (dog, cat)
- understand of the importance of and be able to apply perioperative management techniques
- be able to anaesthetise and manage healthy small animal patients with a high standard of care

For a more detailed programme see subpage " Programme". 

The course fee is EUR 1250 (excl VAT) for Non-AniCurians.
AniCurians - costs will be handled internally. If you have any questions, read our FAQs or contact your practice manager or Late cancellation/no-show fees will be invoiced. Places are filled on a 'first come, first served' basis. 

For General Terms and Conditions, see attachment.

To sign up to the event start by selecting quantity in the booking option below. Secondly you fill in your personal details, email address and answer the questions. Thirdly select payment by card (for non-AniCurians) and fill in requested information. To finalise your booking press the button "Book" at the end. Confirm your registration by pressing the button "Confirm" in the pop-up window. Within a few minutes you will receive a booking confirmation to your email, follow the link in the email to complete your booking. Once you have done that you will receive another email with a registration confirmation. Then you are registered. If you have any questions about this you are more than welcome to contact us at

Please contact the organiser if you have any questions. 

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