Kära djurägare! För att minska smittorisken ber vi er som visar minsta förkylningssymptom eller känner oro för smitta att ringa oss innan ni besöker oss så gör vi en plan för ert besök. Läs mer kring vad som gäller här.

Hjørring Dyreshospital ansluter sig till AniCura


AniCura, a European leader in high quality veterinary care for companion animals, acquires Hjørring Animal Hospital. The partnership provides great opportunities for cooperation and development within veterinary medicine for the benefit of pet owners in North Jutland.

Hjørring Dyrehospital is a well-known animal hospital with a history stretching back more than 80 years. In 1990, the new Hjørring Animal Hospital was built and since 1998, it has an exclusive focus on companion animals. The team comprises twelve veterinary professionals, of which three are veterinarians.

In addition to general care and treatment, Hjørring Animal Hospital offers advanced veterinary care services in joint surgery, internal medicine, dentistry and physiotherapy. Hospital staff undergoes continual training and education, both in Denmark and abroad.

Hjørring Animal Hospital is located centrally in Hjørring and has good access to the surrounding area. The hospital enjoys modern facilities, containing well-equipped rooms for surgery, dentistry and policlinic care.

Veterinary surgeon Flemming Myrup joined Hjørring in 1989. In his role as Practice Manager Flemming has developed the hospital to a modern general practice.

“AniCura’s focus on development of veterinary medicine provides us with an excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge and thus provide our patients better treatment. Although we are able to offer our patients a relatively wide range of care and treatment already today, we recognise our customers’ increasing needs for more specialised veterinary care, and to meet these demands we need a professional partner. Through AniCura, we are able to invest in better equipment and knowledge,” says Flemming Myrup.

“We are pleased to welcome Hjørring Animal Hospital to AniCura. We look forward to working together in shaping the future of veterinary medicine,” says Jonas Maltha, Business Area manager AniCura Denmark.

For further information, please contact

Flemming Myrup, Practice Manager Hjørring Animal Hospital, +45 6118 6827

Jonas Maltha, Business Area Manager AniCura Denmark, +45 9955 2818