Kära djurägare! För att minska smittorisken ber vi er som visar minsta förkylningssymptom eller känner oro för smitta att ringa oss innan ni besöker oss så gör vi en plan för ert besök. Läs mer kring vad som gäller här.

About ACE

Education is the most important factor to keep up with the constant developing veterinary field, and as a company we change it into something better.

AniCura has a broad educational offering with numerous courses each year taking place at different European locations and online. The courses cover all veterinary fields and professions, and are led by well-known lecturers and certified trainers. Many courses are open for any professional within the veterinary industry, and some only for AniCura's employees.

What is ACE?
ACE is AniCura's educational concept for medical courses, webinars and other medical educational activities. 

Why ACE?
To ensure a best in class continuing education for AniCura employees and external clinicians within the veterinary field. Increased cooperation within educational activities build and strengthen our networks.

Where can I find an overview of the courses available?
ACE courses are continuously published on the webpage and sent in digital newsletters. 

How is the curriculum decided?
Courses are based upon the educational needs of AniCura clinics. If you have ideas or requests about courses needed, please send an e-mail to education@anicuragroup.com!

Where will the courses take place?
Location will vary depending on needs. We welcome courses located in AniCura clinics, but will also use external facilities and cooperate with selected course suppliers. To increase accessibility to courses some are also held online.

You are always welcome to contact the ACE team through education@anicuragroup.com.

For more information and to find our course calendar follow this link