Kära djurägare! För att minska smittorisken ber vi er som visar minsta förkylningssymptom eller känner oro för smitta att ringa oss innan ni besöker oss så gör vi en plan för ert besök. Läs mer kring vad som gäller här.

Forskningsprojekt 2018

Elva veterinärmedicinska forskningsprojekt har beviljats finansiellt stöd av AniCuras Forskningsfond under 2018.

  • Sofie van Meervenne, Kalmarsund, Sverige

"The role of sex hormones in idiopathic epilepsy in dogs."


  • Carina Renner - Babenhausen, Tyskland

"CT assessment of the arthroscopic treatment of canine medial coronoid disease"


  • Neoklis Apostolopolous, Augsburg, Tyskland

"Potential of interference of the novel monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) Lokivetmab used in atopic dermatitis with serum protein electrophoresis and immunofixation protein electrophoresis"


  • Bart Ruijter, Amsterdam, Nederländerna

"The faecal microbiome signatures of dogs with chronic inflammatory enteropathies" 


  • Ulrika Grönlund, Stockholm, Sverige

"Anaerobic bacteria in deep infections in dogs and cats with focus on bacterial species and their susceptibility patterns"


  • Julia Lieser, Augsburg, Tyskland

"Oxidative erythrocyte damage in dogs after several days of therapy with either meloxicam, carprofen or metamizole"


  • Katarina Varjonen, Stockholm, Sverige

"Assessment of efficacy of hyposensitization in cats diagnosed with asthma showing increased levels of allergen specific IgE."


  • Susanne Boroffka, Utrecht, Nederländerna

"Comparison of Ultrasonography and CT-enterography findings with results of endoscopy and full thickness biopsies in 25 canine patients with gastro-intestinal disease."


  • Helene Alm, Stockholm, Sverige

"Evaluating male dog fertility using anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH)"


  • Marieke Knies, Dordrecht, Nederländerna

"Prevalence of hypersomatotropism in cats with concentric left ventricular hypertrophy"


  • Irene Flickinger, Hünenberg, Schweiz

"Dose escalating Phase I and II study of doxorubicin and temozolamide in treatment of canine hemangiosarcoma"