Medical incident handling

Learning from mistakes and systematically preventing them from reoccurring improve patient safety.

In general, the veterinary industry has limited experience of documenting and learning from medical incidents in a systematic way. By working many clinics together, there is significant potential to learn from each other’s mistakes and improve patient safety at many locations simultaneously. Against this background, AniCura decided in 2017 to invest in a medical incident handling system and joint processes.

"By reporting and analysing incidents, we visualise issues. Through the approach we can find root causes and identify improvements to prevent them from occurring again."

Titti Sjödahl-Essén, Veterinarian

Easy system and open culture

During 2018, the digital AniCura Patient Safety Improvement System (APSIS) was rolled out to most clinics within AniCura. APSIS is a simple to use system where employees quickly can register the most important characteristics of an incident. Significant improvements to patient safety can be achieved when teams analyse the root causes behind incidents. An open culture where incident-related discussions are centred around mutual learning rather than assigning individual blame is key to succeed. With APSIS, important conclusions on prevalence of certain types of incidents can be drawn across the company.