Our people

As one of the largest employers in European veterinary care, AniCura has significant impact on working conditions and satisfaction among veterinary professionals.

AniCura's ambition is to be the most attractive employer within the veterinary care profession. Our work spans across four areas:

  • Building a values-based organisation 
  • Strengthening leadership
  • Ensuring sustainable working conditions
  • Building structure around competence development

A strong culture drives satisfaction

AniCura’s company values are an integrated part of how we approach people, conduct business and operate throughout the value chain. Managers within AniCura are trained to apply a values based leadership and take part in values trainings held several times every year.

In 2018, a new global employee handbook was introduced to set companywide standards and provide guidance around employee development and recruitment as well as ethics, whistle-blowing and anti-corruption. 


Leadership in focus

In 2015, AniCura took a strategic decision to invest significantly into developing clinical leadership.

In 2016, the international leadership program Accelerator was established. In addition to Accelerator, there are national leadership trainings targeting all levels of leaders.

A new global framework, AniCura Excellent Leader, was developed in 2018 and will be implemented across the organisation over the next years to help all managers work in the same direction and aspire for the similar behaviours.

To address employee satisfaction in a structured way, AniCura introduced an annual employee survey in 2015.

Sustainable working conditions

Ensuring sustainable working conditions is a key priority for AniCura, and in some countries a challenge facing the entire industry.

The efforts around working conditions are mainly conducted on a clinic and national level as regulations and collective agreements are country specific. Initiatives include strengthening of HR organisation, new routines for improved scheduling, stress management prevention programs and standardisation of working contracts.

Competence development

Competence development is mainly organised within each country and clinic and include in-clinic training programs as well as external courses and curriculums. Professional development and courses within different veterinary fields is organised under AniCura Continuing Education.