Antibiotic use

The global spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria is one of the biggest threats against human and animal health.

In 2015, AniCura took a strategic decision to ensure a wiser use of antibiotics at its clinics. Between 2018 and 2030, the goal is to reduce antibiotics use by half. The efforts targets four stakeholder groups; prescribing veterinarians, other clinical staff, referring veterinarians and pet owners.

“Antibiotics are important pharmaceuticals. Every second, every minute and every day they save lives”

Ulrika Grönlund, Group Medical Quality Manager

Through AniCura’s quality program, the use of antibiotics at AniCura’s clinics is measured and monitored every year. The majority of AniCura's clinics have reduced unnecessary use of antibiotics the past years. Several clinics reduce antibiotic use with more than 30 percent through improved infection control and routines and educational initatives.

Support to clinics is provided by AniCura's central veterinary medical quality team and antibiotic role model clinics that provide guidance to other clinics.


Results from 2018 study on antibiotic use