Community engagement

AniCura is in continuous dialogue with various organisations in the community about how we can contribute positively to society.

Initiatives in the community are mainly conducted locally and based on the needs of companion animals in each region. Examples include offering veterinary care to animal shelters at a discount and collaboration with foundations to help pet owners living under tough financial circumstances.

On country level, AniCura supports several companion animal organisations such as animal shelter organizations, therapy dog associations and organisations working to spread knowledge about the positive effects of companion animals on human health.

"Free veterinary care for homeless pet owners has grown into a big event here in Oslo. It feels wonderful to be able to help so many"

Caroline Holtet, Practice Manager at AniCura Dyreklinikk Grünerløkka, Norway

Free veterinary care for homeless

Offering free veterinary care for homeless pet owners has become an annual and appreciated tradition at many AniCura clinics. Ten years ago, AniCura Västra Djursjukhuset in Sweden, was one of the very first animal hospitals to organize a day with free veterinary care. Since then, many AniCura clinics have followed their positive example. The days are organized together with local associations for homeless and clinics typically treat between 40 and 200 patients on each occasion at no cost to the pet owner.