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AniCura presents its quality and sustainability report for 2019

Press release

For the fifth year in a row, AniCura presents its annual quality and sustainability report.

Since 2015, AniCura has issued an annual quality report covering the developments within quality and patient safety as well as antibiotic use among AniCura’s clinics. The report for 2019 describes the developments within the nine focus areas of AniCura’s medical quality program, as well as the company’s work to develop sustainable working conditions, support pet owners in preventive health measures and reduce its environmental impact.

-     We are proud to issue our fifth quality and sustainability report. The intention with the report is to share the learnings from our work and provide insights into AniCura. We have a high engagement for quality and sustainability among our people, and will continue drive this agenda for decades ahead, says Azita Shariati, CEO AniCura.

In 2019, the use of antibiotics at AniCura’s clinics continued its downward trend from 2016 and the majority of clinics improved their routines for hygiene. 8 percent of AniCura’s patients received antibiotics in 2019, compared to 14 percent in 2016. AniCura’s 2030 goal is that no more than 5 percent of patients per day should receive antibiotics.

Several initiatives were also taken to reduce AniCura’s environmental impact with for example the implementation of renewable energy across its Scandinavian operations, a new supplier code of conduct and new, sustainable cleaning methods.

In November 2019, online consultations via a video app was launched to detect diseases at an earlier stage and give pet owners better accessibility to a veterinarian.

AniCura’s employee net promotor score (the willingness to recommend AniCura as an employer) increased in 2019 for the second year in a row and is now almost twice as high as the general benchmark. The efforts to harmonise and modernize employment conditions in veterinary care continued with for example the development of a new pension plan for all 900 employees in the Netherlands.

The full report can be found on AniCura’s website:

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