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Séverine Tasker joins AniCura’s Scientific Council

Press release

Séverine Tasker, Chief Medical Officer for the UK veterinary group Linnaeus and honorary professor in feline medicine at the university of Bristol in the UK, joins AniCura’s Scientific Council as a new member. Séverine Tasker is a well-known researcher in the veterinary field and will play an important role in developing clinical research within AniCura.

AniCura’s Scientific Council was established in 2013 to promote evidence-based care, research and quality across AniCura. The council reviews applications and allocates funds from AniCura’s Research Fund.

In May, Séverine Tasker was appointed new member of AniCura’s Scientific Council. Séverine is a professor and European specialist (Diplomate ECVIM) in internal medicine since 2003.  She is also a specialist in feline medicine. Séverine is a well-known researcher within feline medicine and infectious diseases, notably haemoplasma and feline coronavirus infections, and has authored over 135 research papers in peer-reviewed journals. Since 2018, she has been Chief Medical Office at Linnaeus, a Mars Petcare company offering high-quality veterinary care across the UK.

-     We are pleased to welcome Séverine Tasker to AniCura’s Scientific Council. She has a strong scientific track record within feline medicine and will be key to develop clinical research within AniCura, says Anna Tidholm, chairman of AniCura’s Scientific Council.

-     I am honored to join AniCura’s Scientific Council and contribute to the development of clinical research across Europe, and look forward to developing more links between Linnaeus and AniCura, says Séverine Tasker, professor in feline medicine and Chief Medical Officer at Linnaeus.

In June, the research projects and veterinarians who will receive funding from AniCura’s Research Fund in 2019 will be announced.


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