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Conclusions from x-rays in veterinary care may be misleading

Press release

In a new study, performed within AniCura’s quality program, 600 x-rays were analysed and only 65% of the X-ray readings had appropriate conclusions.

X-rays are taken in about one of ten patient visits in veterinary care, making it one of the most common diagnostic procedures. In this study, led by imaging specialist Dr. Anthony Pease (DVM, MS, DACVR), more than 600 x-rays from 111 veterinary clinics in Europe were reviewed to assess the quality and conclusions that were drawn from x-rays. The study was part of AniCura’s quality development program and revealed that correct conclusions were only drawn from 65 percent of the x-rays. The results were similar across all participating countries.

-     A successful treatment is dependent upon high quality diagnostics, and the findings from this study indicate that we can improve the use of x-rays in veterinary care. Training and education of veterinary professionals, sharpened guidelines and the use of specialist competence via digital imaging services will be key to enhance diagnostic quality going forward, says Jo Amundstad, veterinarian and responsible for the study at AniCura.

The 111 clinics that were part of the study submitted five x-ray images together with their clinical findings and interpretations. Images and interpretations were reviewed by Dr. Pease and given a quality score that covered image quality, interpretations, conclusions as well as radiation safety violations.

-     I was excited to be part of this study on behalf of AniCura. This is the first time that we could perform such a large and international study on diagnostic quality in veterinary care and it really provides some important findings that can help advance veterinary medicine, says Dr. Anthony Pease, specialist (Diplomate) in veterinary radiology.

The study was performed January - February 2019.


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