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AniCura enters France, Spain and Italy

Press release

AniCura, one of Europe’s leading providers of high-quality veterinary care for companion animals, establishes a presence in Southern Europe as several high-quality and specialised veterinary clinics in France, Spain and Italy join AniCura.

AniCura was established in 2011 as the first merger of companion animal hospitals in the Nordic region. Since then, the company has grown rapidly to become a leading provider of high-quality and advanced veterinary care in Europe with presence in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Now, AniCura is broadening its geographical footprint even further with the acquisitions of several new clinics in France, Spain and Italy.

-   The European market for advanced veterinary care continues to grow and develop rapidly as companion animals become increasingly important family members. By entering France, Spain and Italy, AniCura is now present in all key continental European markets and has created a strong and unique platform to further develop medical quality and drive innovation in veterinary care, says Peter Dahlberg CEO AniCura.

During 2018, AniCura welcomed 1,000 new employees to the company to end the year with 5,000 veterinary professionals employed at 250 AniCura clinics in 10 European countries. AniCura’s entrepreneurial operating model, its medical quality program and strong focus on people and values continue to be key drivers behind the company’s growth and development. In the past three years, AniCura invested more than SEK 1 billion into improving patient safety and quality through education, research, equipment and premises.

-   We continue to experience significant interest from independent veterinary clinics looking to join a larger setting to accelerate their development. AniCura’s hallmark characteristics of local decision making, entrepreneurial culture and our focus medical quality development remain key attractions, concludes Peter Dahlberg.

The entry in Spain, France and Italy is followed by the appointment of Country Managers in the respective countries. Pierre Tardif, previously regional manager at an international healthcare provider, has been appointed Country Manager for AniCura in France and Guillermo Ruiz San Juan, previously Managing Director at an international security company, has been appointed Country Manager for AniCura in Spain.

For further information, please contact

Maria Tullberg, Group Communications Manager AniCura, +46 736 268 886