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Reduced use of antibiotics at AniCura

Press release

12-18th of November is the World Antibiotic Awareness Week, a global initiative to spread knowledge about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Since several years, AniCura works actively to ensure a wiser use of antibiotics and today, AniCura presents a new study showing a decreased use of antibiotics in European veterinary care.

In October, AniCura measured the use of antibiotics for the third consecutive year. The study, which is part of AniCura’s quality program, included 2,951 dogs in seven countries. In total, 11 percent of the dogs received antibiotics, a reduction with several percentage points compared to last year.

-   We are pleased to see a reduction in antibiotic use. This is a result of our efforts to raise awareness around resistance development, combined with improved infection control at our clinics. Avoiding overconsumption of antibiotics is one of our most important responsibilities, says Ulrika Grönlund, Group Medical Quality Manager, AniCura.

Like previous years’ studies, Sweden and Norway had a low use of antibiotics of 7 and 5 percent respectively. While antibiotic use in other countries was up to three times higher, the study showed a significant decrease in antibiotic use at many clinics across Europe.

-   Although there are still significant differences in how we use antibiotics in different countries, we are making significant progress especially in Germany and Austria, says Ulrika Grönlund.

The study of antibiotic use in European veterinary care was carried out within AniCura's quality program (QualiCura) and is an essential part of ensuring wiser use of antibiotics in veterinary care. 



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