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Reduced risk of infection after surgery at AniCura

Press release

For the third consecutive year, AniCura, one of Europe's leading providers of high-quality veterinary care for companion animals, has completed a study on surgical site infections and the use of antibiotics in surgery. The study shows a significant reduction in surgical site infections at AniCura’s clinics, while use of antibiotics continues to differ between countries.

Between February and May, AniCura measured the prevalence of surgical site infections and the use of antibiotics in surgery among 1915 dogs at 102 veterinary clinics in Europe. The patients were checked seven days and thirty days after surgery to allow reliable detection of any infections resulting from the surgeries.

Clinics in the study that took part in AniCura’s quality program show a reduction in surgical site infections from 7.2% to 5.0% of all surgeries between 2017 and 2018.

- I am pleased to see that our quality program has positive and measurable effects on patient safety across Europe, says Ulrika Grönlund, Group Medical Quality Manager at AniCura.

Use of antibiotics in surgery can be reduced

Although the prevalence of surgical site infections is similar across countries (around 5.5%), the use of antibiotics still differs substantially between European countries. In Sweden, antibiotics were prescribed for 21% of the surgeries, while in Germany, antibiotics were used in 82% of the surgeries in the study.

- There is no correlation between a successful surgery and the use of antibiotics. Many vets are still using too much antibiotics, and I call for a more thoughtful mindset combined with improved routines for hygiene to reduce antibiotics use, concludes Ulrika Grönlund.

To veterinary clinics:

  • Always follow-up your patients 7 and 30 days after surgery and analyze your results
  • Antibiotics prophylaxis is seldom needed in clean surgeries 
  • If you give betalactam antibiotics, make sure you give it within 60 min before incision
  • Keep duration of antibiotic prophylaxis to 24 hours from incision
  • Keep your animals warm, above 37C

For further information, please contact
Maria Tullberg, Group Communications Manager AniCura, +46 736 268 886