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11 research projects receive funding from AniCura’s Research Fund

Press release

Every year, AniCura’s Research Fund provides funding for clinical research. In 2018, 11 projects from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland will receive funding from AniCura’s Research Fund.

Since 2015, AniCura’s Research Fund provides funding for clinical research projects with significant importance to animal health. AniCura’s Scientific Council evaluates applications and decides which research projects to support.

– The projects for 2018 address important animal health issues affecting a large part of the pet population, for example severe bacterial infections and stifle joint diseases. I look forward to following these initiatives, says Anna Tidholm, chairman of AniCura’s Scientific Council.

To receive funding from AniCura’s Research Fund the projects should fulfil certain criteria around academic quality, potential for publication in a scientific, peer-reviewed veterinary journal and the potential to improve diagnostic and/or treatment methods.

Research outside universities unusual

Veterinary research outside universities is unusual due to lack of financing. With the support from AniCura’s Research Fund, veterinarians and nurses who are not connected to universities can receive funding for clinical research.

– I am grateful for the opportunity to perform research. Clinical research is key to develop veterinary medicine, and for us veterinary professionals it is a great opportunity to develop our skills, says Sofie van Meervenne, veterinarian at AniCura and responsible for one the research projects that receive funding.

Visit for the complete list of research projects that receive funding from AniCura’s Research Fund in 2018.

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