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Sterkliniek compliant with new ISO 9001:2015 standards


Sterkliniek Dierenartsen has successfully completed the transition to new quality standards ISO 9001:2015. Sterkliniek is a Dutch group of 80+ veterinary clinics that are part of AniCura since spring 2017.

Since several years, Sterkliniek Dierenartsen is ISO 9001 certified, an internationally recognized quality certification covering all critical processes performed at a veterinary clinic. Now, following two consecutive audits by Lloyds Registered Quality Assurance, Sterkliniek has completed the transition to the newer quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

By implementing an internationally renowned standard and performing independent audits, pet owners can be assured of the highest possible standards at their veterinary clinics.

Thorough quality management system

The quality management system consists of three modules. An introduction to quality management, Sterkliniek’s quality criteria and an external peer review module.

The quality criteria are organisational criteria based upon ISO 9001 standards. Each year alla clinics within the group perform an internal audit to ensure fulfilment of the quality criteria, and every other year an external auditor reviews compliance. Clinics within the Sterkliniek group also visit each other on a regular basis to discuss improvement potential at the different clinics.

Quality criteria

The following aspects are covered by the quality criteria:

  • Organisation of a local quality management system by assigning a quality coordinator, setting quality goals, defining a meeting structure.
  • Customer information and communication
  • Patient medical record writing
  • Complaints procedure
  • Reporting and analysing incidents
  • Handling confidential information
  • Hygiene
  • Pharmacy management
  • Maintenance machines/devices and laboratory quality
  • Continuing education
  • Introduction to new employees
  • Environmental criteria
  • Waste disposal criteria
  • Electronic data policy

Peer review

In the external peer review the following areas are benchmarked between clinics in the Sterkliniek group:

  • Employee satisfaction, team collaboration, job satisfaction
  • Patient medical record analysis
  • Registration and analysing medical complications
  • Medical auditing and best practice guidelines on different medical subjects.

For more information, please contact:

Maria Tullberg, Group Communications Manager AniCura
+46 736 268 886