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AniCura significantly expands its veterinary offering in the Netherlands with the acquisition of Sterkliniek Dierenartsen

Press release

AniCura, one of Europe’s leading providers of high-quality veterinary care for companion animals, acquires Sterkliniek Dierenartsen BV, a nationwide veterinary group comprising 82 veterinary clinics well-known for their quality focus. The acquisition strengthens AniCura's position as the leading provider of veterinary care in the Netherlands.

AniCura was founded in 2011 as the first merger of animal hospitals in Sweden. Following its inception, the company has grown rapidly to currently comprise 150 animal hospitals and veterinary clinics throughout Europe. AniCura entered the Dutch market in 2015 with the acquisition of a number of highly specialized referral clinics. With continuous additions to its strong presence in the Netherlands, AniCura now expands further by acquiring the nationwide veterinary care provider Sterkliniek Dierenartsen BV, well-renowned for its quality focus and ISO-certified veterinary organisation.

– The Netherlands is an attractive market for us with more than four million pets and an increasing demand for high-quality veterinary care. With the acquisition of the nationwide veterinary care provider Sterkliniek Dierenartsen BV, we significantly strengthen our care offering comprising both the specialised and primary segments of the Dutch market, says Peter Dahlberg, CEO at AniCura, and continues,

– AniCura’s decentralized operational model, our strong culture and values and our continued investments in medical development, research and education are all important features to attract the many prominent veterinary clinics that chose to join AniCura.

Sterkliniek Dierenartsen BV was founded in 2005 as a collaboration between 7 independent clinics sharing the vision to professionalize veterinary care in the Netherlands. Today, Sterkliniek Dierenartsen comprises 82 clinics and employs more than 300 veterinarians throughout the country. Sterkliniek Dierenartsen is unique in Europe with its ISO-certified veterinary organisation and common processes around medical care development, education and client customer care. Every year, a quality control review (ISO-audit) is performed on the central organisation and regularly at each clinic by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

– Sterkliniek Dierenartsen BV and AniCura share the same values and focus on good quality care. Together, we have a unique knowledge base and resources to take Dutch veterinary care to new levels. For our participants, being part of AniCura means greater possibilities to share best practice, develop educational initiatives as well as ensure that our clinics continue to provide an appreciated destination for quality oriented pet owners throughout the country, says Bob Carrière, Chairman of the Board at Sterkliniek Dierenartsen BV.

Sterkliniek enjoys a strong reputation among pet owners in the Netherlands and will continue to operate under their own brand. The Sterkliniek group comprise the parent company and clinics either being fully owned or operating on a franchise basis. The Board of Directors at Sterkliniek Dierenartsen will remain unchanged.

For further information, please contact

Bob Carrière, Chairman of the Board at Sterkliniek Dierenartsen,
+ 31 654 362 835

Peter Dahlberg, CEO at AniCura,
+46 730 505 050