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AniCura publishes quality report for 2016

Press release

Today, AniCura presents its 2016 quality report. The report is unique within veterinary care and describes how AniCura developed medical quality during 2016. It includes some important findings around infection control and patient safety within veterinary care.

- The purpose with this report is to give our stakeholders a clear view of quality within AniCura and describe how we work to continuously develop medical quality and patient safety. By sharing our work and the results of our studies, we seek to inspire the whole industry to develop, says Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura.

The first quality report within veterinary care

AniCura’s quality report is unique within European veterinary care and the inspiration for the report comes from similar publications within human healthcare.

During 2016, AniCura’s quality development work was partly concentrated around the studies of medical outcomes and patient safety among the company’s 150 animal hospitals and clinics. These studies are part of AniCura’s companywide quality development program, QualiCura, and includes important areas within medical quality as for example hand hygiene and surgical site infections.

Read the full 2016 quality report.