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New appointments strengthen AniCura’s Scientific Council

Press release

AniCura's Scientific Council was established in 2013 to support AniCura’s animal hospitals with regards to evidence-based care, quality assurance and research strategy. The council is now broadened with two new members in order to match the geographic expansion of AniCura.

The council’s main task is to promote the use of evidence-based care and quality across AniCura. The council is also tasked with facilitating clinical research within AniCura, which includes being the governing body for awarding research projects financial support from AniCura’s Research Fund. Promoting evidence-based care and clinical research brings about many long-term benefits to our companion animal patients in the form of improved medical quality and patient safety.

AniCura is pleased to announce the appointment of two additional members to the AniCura Scientific Council. Both members are highly regarded for their competence and dedication to development and have played an important role within their respective medical discipline. 

Barbara Kaser-Hotz, DVM, Prof. Dr. med vet, Dipl ACVR, Dipl ECVDI, Practice Manager and specialist in Oncology and Radiology at the AOI Center in Zug, Switzerland


Monika Linek, DVM, Dipl ECVD, Practice Manager and Dermatology specialist in AniCura Tierärztliche Spezialisten Hamburg, Germany

– Clinical research has been an integral part of my entire veterinary career, both when in academia and in private practice. I am thrilled to be able to contribute to more and better research within AniCura which in turn leads to additional areas of evidence-based care and thereby further quality development, says Barbara Kaser-Hotz.

– AniCura’s focus on research, quality and evidence-based medicine was an important factor for us when deciding to join AniCura. I look forward to bringing my dermatological experience into AniCura and my experience from research and quality assurance to AniCura’s Scientific Council, says Monika Linek.

– I am delighted that AniCura continues to attract clinics and individuals with such extensive experience from clinical research and evidence-based medicine from countries outside of Scandinavia. We look forward to further internationalise the remit of the council as well as to encourage more clinical research and higher medical quality within AniCura, says Anna Tidholm, Chairman of AniCura’s Scientific Council.

For further information, please contact

Anna Tidholm, Chairman of AniCura’s Scientific Council, +46 8 505 304 00

Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura, +46 730 505 050