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Kleintierklinik Dr. Nees in Germany joins AniCura

Press release

AniCura, one of Europe’s leading providers of high-quality veterinary care for companion animals, acquires Kleintierklinik Dr. Nees in Weingarten (Baden). The partnership with AniCura entails greater opportunities for scientific knowledge sharing and medical cooperation, to the benefit of companion animals and pet owners in the Karlsruhe region.

Kleintierklinik Dr. Nees, now AniCura Kleintiermedizinisches Zentrum Dr. Nees, was founded by Dr. Christian Nees in 1988 and employs a team of 20 veterinary professionals. The team provides specialised veterinary care to dogs and cats, and attends to more than 26 000 patients every year. Kleintierklinik Dr Nees is the only veterinary facility in the area offering 24-hour on-call emergency service.

Kleintierklinik Dr. Nees resides in a two-floor building, containing well-equipped rooms for surgery, dentistry and diagnostic imaging including CT (Computed Tomography) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) as well as several policlinic rooms. Veterinary services include specialised competence in the fields of surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, endoscopy and arthroscopy as well as treatments such as laser therapy and cryotherapy.

─ By joining AniCura we are able to continue our development and specialisation by cooperation and best practice sharing. Everyone stands to gain from sharing knowledge and experience with one another. AniCura enables us to develop veterinary care together and provides for continuity and stability in our operations, says Dr. Christian Nees, founder Kleintierklinik Dr. Nees.

─ It is our pleasure to welcome Kleintierklinik Dr. Nees to AniCura. Our growing family provides fantastic opportunities for cooperation and collaboration allowing us to continue to develop and learn. We are looking forward to shaping the market for veterinary care together, says Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura.

For further information, please contact

Dr. Christian Nees, founder of Kleintierklinik Dr. Nees, +49 7244 77040

Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura, +46 730 505 050