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Important notice regarding fake e-mails


It has come to our attention that there are false e-mails circulating, referring to AniCura and sent from domains such as "" and “”. Senders claim to be employees at AniCura and can be very persistent and extremely persuasive. The receivers of these e-mails are encouraged to contact the sender in order to transfer money.

WARNING: These emails are false. AniCura is not the sender of these e-mails and we do not use the domain "" nor “”. Furthermore, please note that AniCura never solicit business via e-mail. We ask you to be vigilant and are currently trying to stop these fraud attempts.

If you suspect that you are the receiver of such emails:

  1. Please check the e-mail address of the sender thoroughly and/or contact the alleged sender by telephone in order to verify the authenticity
  2. Do not reply to the sender
  3. Please send an e-mail and inform us at