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AniCura celebrates its 5th anniversary


AniCura, one of Europe’s leading providers of high-quality veterinary care for companion animals, today celebrates its 5th birthday. What started as a partnership among companion animal hospitals in Sweden in 2011 has become a driving force within European veterinary medicine.

AniCura was born out of the idea that sharing resources would create opportunities for better veterinary care. The company was established in 2011 as the first merger of companion animal hospitals in the Nordic region, with an ambition to further strengthen and develop care and quality processes as well as to improve overall operations. Today, AniCura is considered a role model within specialised veterinary care and a valued partner for pet owners and referring veterinarians across Europe.

In addition to being a professional partner supporting the development of individual animal hospitals and clinics, AniCura provides an environment that facilitates extensive knowledge and best practice sharing. The company makes significant investments in infrastructure and processes to facilitate learning and open up access to proven experience and the latest research findings. AniCura has established its own AniCura Research Fund to support scientific research within companion animal veterinary medicine, developed its own in-house quality programme, QualiCura, and was the first veterinary care group in the world to issue an annual quality report in 2015.

AniCura’s dedicated focus on quality improvements and increased patient safety has resonated well with pet owners’ growing demands for higher quality and more advanced veterinary care services in conjunction with better availability and higher service levels. Since 2011, AniCura has enjoyed significant growth in its number of patients and like-for-like revenue growth in excess of 10% per annum. More and more clinics across Europe are seeking to join the AniCura family.

– When creating AniCura in 2011 with all talented employees, we had high expectations for the future and what we would be able to accomplish as a team. Reflecting on our first five years we are very pleased with the developments and look to the future with great confidence, says Per-Arne Rudbert, Chairman Animal Hospital Foundation in Greater Stockholm, one of AniCura’s original founders and current shareholders.

– I feel truly privileged to be a part of AniCura and a journey that started five years ago that has helped us develop and raise veterinary care standards to an entirely new level for the benefit of animals, pet owners and employees alike. I look forward to the next coming years with great excitement, says Titti Sjödahl-Essén, Head veterinarian and long-term AniCura Board member, AniCura Albano Animal Hospital, one of the founding members of AniCura in Sweden.

– The journey since inception in 2011 has been both exciting and rewarding. We have developed into one of Europe's leading providers of specialised veterinary care for pets and I am both pleased and proud of what we have achieved in such a short timeframe together, says Robert Cikota, Practice Manager, AniCura Västra Animal Hospital in Gothenburg, one of the founding members of AniCura in Sweden.

– AniCura has been built on common corporate values, long-term decisions and responsible ownership where profits are reinvested in the company. This has created a solid foundation and strong corporate culture of cooperation and partnership, embracing the quality and service focus demanded by pet owners and referring veterinarians across Europe. We are proud to have achieved so much in our first five years but remain humble and focussed on the task ahead of us. We still have much more to do and improve, says Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura.

AniCura’s 5th anniversary will be celebrated today, on November 3, across all its 130 European locations.

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