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AniCura appoints Ulrika Grönlund as Group Medical Quality Manager

Press release

AniCura, a leader in high quality veterinary care for companion animals, has appointed Ulrika Grönlund as Group Medical Quality Manager. Her appointment is aimed to develop and strengthen AniCura's systematic quality work within veterinary medicine with a special emphasis on infection control, patient safety and the sustainable use of antibiotics.

Infection control is a field undergoing intense development and one in which Ulrika Grönlund has played an important part in both Swedish and international contexts. She previously held a position at the Swedish National Veterinary Institute (SVA) as an expert in the field of antibiotics and antibiotic resistant bacteria in dogs, cats and horses and currently holds a position as senior lecturer at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), including training assignments of both veterinary students and veterinary nurse students within the field of infection control and antibiotic resistance. In addition, Ulrika was the project coordinator in developing two national guidelines for the Swedish Society of Veterinary Medicine (SVS) regarding infection control for small animal health care, and the treatment and management of patients with multi-drug resistant bacteria.

At AniCura, Ulrika will promote the design of comprehensive quality systems for veterinary care including methods for monitoring and promoting quality within infection control standards, healthcare associated infections and the use of antibiotics. She will also facilitate implementation of infection control routines and the use of antibiotics at AniCura, with due regard to legislation and regulations in different countries, support practices in their infection control efforts, carry out training and disseminate information on best practice in patient safety and the use of antibiotics.

"The great network of dedicated, skilled staff that together forms AniCura provides fantastic opportunities to raise the quality of small animal veterinary care to a completely new level. I'm truly looking forward to support the development of veterinary care that offers increasing patient safety, fewer nosocomial infections and a reduction in the spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria. AniCura also shoulders social responsibility through its proactive efforts to improve infection control and promote the sustainable use of antibiotics, as resistance to antibiotics is a challenge shared by both the human healthcare and the veterinary care industry”, says Ulrika Grönlund.

"The systematic monitoring, follow-up and improvement of care quality are central components of developing high quality veterinary care of the future. AniCura is characterized by high quality care and is working continuously to achieve high standards within patient safety where infection control plays a major role. I'm convinced that Ulrika's solid expertise and great talent in this field will make a positive contribution to our continued efforts for quality care and the sustainable use of antibiotics, and I'm delighted to extend her a warm welcome on behalf of the AniCura family," says Peter Dahlberg, Group CEO and President at AniCura.

Ulrika Grönlund takes up her position at AniCura on 18 August 2015.