Purchasing co-operation

VetFamily is a structured collaboration between independent animal hospitals and clinics.

Clinics that form part of VetFamily enjoy support in such things as purchasing, administration and business development. Better purchasing conditions and less administration mean VetFamily members enjoy an improved ability to invest in their operations and spend more time with patients and pet owners.

VetFamily is a separate operation within AniCura. No mandatory information transfer or collaboration exists between VetFamily members and AniCura animal hospitals and clinics. VetFamily offers independent animal hospitals and clinics an attractive form of partnership. Its relationship with AniCura means that VetFamily draws benefit from AniCura's contacts and size.

VetFamily welcomes all animal hospitals and animal clinics whose owners seek to develop their companies to become members

For further information about VetFamily in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands please visit vetfamily.se, vetfamily.dk, vetfam.no, vetfamily.de and vetfamily.nl respectively.