Every local clinic and employee within AniCura is responsible for ensuring continous identification and implementation of quality improvements. Since 2015, local efforts have been supported by QualiCura, a Group-wide quality development program.

The purpose of QualiCura is to ensure better medical outcomes and a high patient safety. The program's goal is to identify relevant measures at all our animal hospitals and clinics. QualiCura includes all of AniCura's animal hospitals and clinics in the various countries.

QualiCura is currently focusing on areas that we believe have a large impact on the safety and medical outcome of our patients:

  • Encouraging professional development and specialisation
  • Creating and sharing medical best practices
  • Learning professional communications skills
  • Providing reliable diagnostic medicine
  • Ensuring wiser antimicrobial use
  • Monitoring surgical site infections
  • Securing proper infection prevention and control
  • Enabling good incident handling
  • Promoting patient medical record quality

Customized and measurable

In several of these focus areas, AniCura sets certain input or output-oriented quality indicators by which the animal hospitals can be measured and their progress compared over time and with other hospitals. An example of a quality metric is the number of post-operative infections, i.e. surgical-site infections. Data from various metrics is compiled and feedback comprising information on results and discussion points is provided to the animal hospital. AniCura strongly believes that every animal hospital, individual, process and system can always be better.