AniCura's Research Fund

AniCura advances veterinary developments through extensive investments in clinical research. AniCura's Research Fund provides funding for veterinary research.

Promoting clinical research is an important part to realize AniCura’s vision of shaping the future of veterinary care, together. Evidence-based research results lead to scientifically-based veterinary care, better medical outcomes and increased patient safety.

A number of diseases cause severe discomfort and in the worst cases, life-threatening conditions. With in-depth knowledge on the course of diseases and new opportunities for their prevention, early diagnosis and better treatment, much can be done to alleviate, cure and make life for affected pets more comfortable.

AniCura has a great many employees engaged in clinical research, often in collaboration with leading specialists and institutions. AniCura has established the AniCura Research Fund to further strengthen research and development. The purpose of the fund is to provide means for research projects conducted by employees within AniCura. AniCura's Scientific Council decides which projects will be awarded funds, based on the highest standards of scientific quality and methods.

“Research is an important means of driving advances in the field, and we invest a lot of time and resources into research. We look forward to supporting even more projects in the future.”

Peter Dahlberg, Chief Executive Officer and Group CEO