AniCura was founded in Sweden in 2011 on an initiative by the Animal Hospital Foundation in Greater Stockholm.


The Animal Hospital Foundation in Greater Stockholm founded AniCura in 2011. The Foundation's mission was to create a platform for improved veterinary development through cooperation and best practice sharing as well as shared resources. AniCura was the first merger of animal hospitals in the Nordic region.

The Foundation’s two animal hospitals in Stockholm; Albano and Bagarmossen and the privately-owned animal hospitals Västra Djursjukhuset in Gothenburg and Falu Djursjukhus in Falun were merged, at that time under the name Djursjukhusgruppen (in English “the Animal Hospital Group”).

Position today

Today, AniCura in Sweden comprise around 40 animal hospitals and veterinary clinics from Åre in the north of Sweden to Hässleholm in the south. AniCura is renowned for our quality and high competence level and customer satisfaction is high.

AniCura has a comprehensive veterinary care offering spanning from basic veterinary care to advanced diagnostics and surgery. AniCura conducts a substantial part of Sweden’s highly specialized veterinary care, and its animal hospitals employ some of Europe’s leading specialists within soft tissue surgery, orthopaedics, neurology and cardiology. AniCura is a well-known training and referral body.

For years, AniCura in Sweden has worked systematically with quality development through the Group’s program QualiCura. In 2015, AniCura published the industry’s first quality report.

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