Germany, Austria and Switzerland

AniCura entered Germany in early 2015 when AniCura Tierärztliche Spezialisten in Hamburg, specialized in in ophthalmology and dermatology, decided to join the company.


AniCura Tierärztliche Spezialisten's entrance into AniCura was soon followed by a number of specialized veterinary clinics throughout Germany. The same year, the first Austrian clinic joined AniCura and in 2016, AniCura entered the Swiss market when a highly-specialized oncology centre joined the company.

Position today

AniCura is currently growing rapidly in the region, with an increasing number of high quality veterinary clinics joining the company. Around 35 clinics are part of AniCura in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

AniCura has a comprehensive veterinary care offering in the region, focused on advanced diagnostics and surgery. A number of the region’s most reputable specialized veterinary clinics including for example AniCura Kleintierspezialisten Augsburg, AniCura Bielefeld and Tierklinik Haar in Germany, AniCura Tierklinik Hollabrunn in Austria and the AOI Center in Switzerland are all part of AniCura.

AniCura employs 25 European specialists (Diplomates) and an even higher number of German specialists (Fachtierarzt). AniCura is a well-known training and referral body for veterinary care in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition to AniCura’s medical quality development program QualiCura, a number of AniCura’s German clinics are certified according to the GVP codex, a German quality standard based upon the international quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and issued by the German Association of Veterinarians. Clinics that are certified per the GVP codex are subject to an independent audit every second year to ensure adherence to quality standards.