Restored locomotive function in cats and dogs is of utmost importance.

Locomotor system diseases and injuries are diagnosed through thorough physical examination and also often with the aid of x-rays, data tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and/or arthroscopy.

Orthopaedic surgery requires advanced equipment and a high level of skills to both choose the right treatment as well as to perform it.

Collaboration and Expertise within AniCura

Many of AniCura's animal hospitals are equipped with the most modern instruments in order to perform advanced orthopaedics, and many prominent international specialists with extensive experience in the field of orthopaedics work within AniCura. AniCura animal hospitals are well-established referral bodies for advanced orthopaedic procedures. AniCura's medical interest groups for surgery and orthopaedics work to continuously improve and develop skills within AniCura through courses and seminars and by exchanging experience and discussing specific cases.