Eye specialists work with both preventive care and treatment.

Eye problems often need immediate care and all of AniCura's animal hospitals and clinics can take care of acute cases. When necessary, patients are referred to an eye specialist.

AniCura values the ability to prevent disease. Ophthalmologists play an important preventive role in various breeding programmes where they examine the eyes of cats and dogs.

Collaboration and Expertise within AniCura

A large number of specialists and authorized ophthalmologists work within AniCura. They all have many years of experience in the field of ophthalmology and constitute an important referral body for northern Europe. AniCura's medical interest group for ophthalmology devotes much work to disseminating knowledge within AniCura through continuous education, treatment recommendations and the supervision of prospective specialists and authorized veterinary ophthalmologists.

AniCura's ophthalmology group has extensive, ongoing contacts with breeders through its ophthalmological activities. A large proportion of ophthalmological examinations in Europe take place within AniCura. AniCura’s ophthalmologists often hold lectures for breeders and other animal owners.