AniCura's quality assurance

AniCura's ambition is to provide veterinary care of highest possible quality.

AniCura ensures high quality through our carefully selected animal hospitals and a companywide development program. We invest in continuous education and research as well as in advanced medical equipment. Through our yearly quality report and education for all veterinary professionals we share knowledge and contribute to the whole industry’s development.

What is quality?

High-quality veterinary care is not only based on expertise and advanced medical equipment, but also on the ability to constantly evolve and improve. Patient safety and satisfying medical outcomes are the result of a long chain of decisions, actions, initiatives and priorities and different treatments until the medical problem has been resolved in the best possible way. At AniCura, we are convinced that constant improvements can be implemented in every area.

Companywide program

Constant quality improvement has always been on the agenda in the animal hospitals and clinics that now form part of AniCura. In 2015, we launched a proprietary companywide program for systematic quality assurance – QualiCura – to support local quality assurance efforts. 

"QualiCura is one of the most comprehensive quality programs in the veterinary industry"


Multiple quality forums

AniCura's work to develop veterinary medicine and quality of care is run in a number of forums with representatives from different professional groups and practices. AniCura's Scientific Council is responsible for evidence-based care, quality assurance and research strategy. AniCura's Veterinary Development Council takes care of business intelligence, ethics and strategic development. The ongoing exchange of knowledge within and between countries takes place in our medical interest groups, which are open to all animal healthcare personnel in the various disciplines.

Research and development

AniCura invests significant resources in training and skills development and we encourage our employees to specialize. Every year we support a number of projects in clinical research and veterinary medicine through the AniCura Research Fund.

Why is quality important?

High-quality veterinary care is naturally crucial for ensuring good medical outcomes. But well implemented quality management also leads to reduced veterinary care costs as the right diagnosis is made and the right treatment is provided as early as possible. High quality also means better patient safety as it reduces the risk of misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment and complications.