AniCura was established in Norway in 2012 when a group of seven clinics in Oslo and Bergen joined the company.


The group of seven Norwegian clinics called PetVett that joined AniCura in 2012 were already collaborating and operating according to values similar to AniCura’s, enabling a smooth transition into the company. Since then, around 40 clinics have joined AniCura, among them Norway’s most specialized and highly qualified veterinary clinics.

Position today

Today, AniCura has clinics from Mandal in the south to Tromsø in the far north. The company is Norway's largest and most well-renowned veterinary care provider.

AniCura Norway has a full service offering within veterinary care, from preventive care to advanced diagnostics and surgery. At several clinics, there are also large and fully assorted pet shops. Some clinics also offer around the clock emergency care.

AniCura Norway employs a large proportion of the specialised veterinarians in Norway, including some of Europe’s most prominent specialists within orthopaedics. The larger animal hospitals are well-known referral centres in Norway, some receiving referrals from all over Norway as well as from Sweden. AniCura Dyresykehuset Oslo is Norway’s very first referral only animal hospital.

AniCura Norway enjoys a high customer satisfaction and has for several years worked systematically to improve quality through the company’s quality program QualiCura. A great number of clinics are also certified by the Norwegian Veterinary Association (Norsk Veterinærforening) in their quality certification program. 


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