Manimalis was founded in 1990 and is a politically and religiously independent organization whose purpose is to raise awareness of the positive effects companion animals have on human health and welfare, and on society at large.

The effects can be of an economic, psychological, physiological or social nature. Manimalis' mission is to collect, compile and disseminate information on the positive effects companion animals have on human health and welfare.

Manimalis disseminates information in the field of human animal bonding via social media and its website, where the Manimalis Report is also available for download. In addition, it influences decision-makers to ensure that new legislation and guidelines are not drawn up in a way that threatens to restrict opportunities to keep pets. Manimalis is a member of the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organisations umbrella, IAHAIO.

AniCura supports Manimalis' mission as we have similar values and share the understanding of the significance of pets for people’s health and welfare as well as the importance of responsible pet ownership and an enhanced quality of life for people and pets alike.

”The work that Manimalis has long carried out is important for making the charitable effects of interactions between people and pets better known”

Boel Sandros, veterinarian

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