Svenska Hundskyddsföreningen (Swedish Dog Protection Society) is a charitable society that runs the Hundstallet kennels in Stockholm.

For just over a century since their founding in 1908, the kennels have taken care of and found new homes for tens of thousands of dogs. Hundstallet's task is to take in and take care of dogs that for one reason or another can no longer remain with their owners. Its objective is to make sure that vulnerable dogs arriving at the kennels, no matter why, will enjoy the best conditions possible based on a dog's individual circumstances.

Svenska Hundskyddsföreningen is entirely dependent on donations and membership fees as it receives no state support. The operation is financed through membership fees, daily lodging sponsorships, donations and support from friends and sponsors.

AniCura supports Svenska Hundskyddsföreningen and Hundstallet as their operations correspond well with our own values. We provide care, concern and assurance, and we show sympathy for all pets and the pet owners' circumstances. AniCura helps Hundstallet in matters both great and small.

In addition, AniCura Gärdets Animal Clinic takes the initiative, in collaboration with Hundstallet, the Swedish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Stockholm City Mission, to provide care for homeless pets.

Read more about our initiatives at AniCura Sweden's website.

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