Free veterinary care for homeless pet owners

According to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, there are more than 30,000 people in Sweden who lack a fixed abode.

Many have only their pets for company in a tough existence. A dog or cat may be the only thing a homeless person can fully rely on and the only firm friend to provide hope and peace of mind. When it's hard to make ends meet, it's easy to neglect visits to the vet and pet insurance. AniCura's operations regularly open their doors and provide free care for homeless pets.

AniCura Västra Animal Hospital – Faktum

For several years now, AniCura Västra Animal Hospital has provided free care once a year for homeless pet owners' animals. The initiative began in collaboration with Faktum, and the response has been enormous. The need is infinite and the gratitude immense. AniCura Västra also provide free emergency care to homeless pets all year round. Would you like to know more about AniCura Västra Animal Hospital's collaboration with Faktum? Find out more under AniCura Västra Animal Hospital.

"Pets provide warmth and comfort in an tough existence for homeless. Although there is a will to provide them with good health care, many homeless lack the necessary means"

Robert Cikota, Practice Manager AniCura Västra Djursjukhuset

AniCura Dyreklinikk Grünerløkka

AniCura Dyreklinikk Grünerløkka in Oslo is one of the clinics that on a specific day have opened their doors and offered free care for pet owners who otherwise would not have the opportunity to take their pet to the vet. The initiative was carried out for the first time in 2016 with great support from our employees who helped a total of 40 animals with everything from vaccinations to peripheral cleaning and nail clipping.

AniCura Gärdets Animal Clinic

Together with the Swedish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Hundstallet, Svenska Hundskyddsföreningen and Stockholm City Mission, AniCura Gärdets Animal Clinic opens its door to homeless pets for free care twice a year. The care consists of everything from consultation and simple examinations to more comprehensive treatments. Together, we're able to help pet owners and pets who would not otherwise have the opportunity of visiting a vet.

For its commitment, AniCura Gärdets Animal Clinic received Guldråttan (The Golden Rat), awarded annually by Djurens Rätt (one of Sweden’s biggest animal-rights and protection societies), to the person or persons who have made an exceptional effort on behalf of animals during the year. The award was bestowed at the organisation's national conference in Stockholm on 1 June 2014.

”AniCura Gärdets Veterinary Clinic shows big heartedness and a great willingness to help pets enjoy good health throughout their lives. The clinic sets an example for other veterinarians with their idea of providing free care for our beloved family members.”

Camilla Björkbom, Chairman Djurens Rätt

Read more about our initiatives at AniCura Sweden's website and AniCura Norway's website.

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