Urgent Care – Triage: Case discussion on how to approach emergencies



The Urgent Care Series is a new AniCura e-learning aiming to provide veterinarians and nurses from all our hospitals with robust confidence when dealing with urgent case scenarios most commonly seen in practice.

In this Part 2 of the module Triage we will discuss real cases around this topic. We strongly recommend you watch Part 1 of Triage. 



Following Part 1 of Triage where Susanna Solbak took us through triage and a systematic approach to different case scenarios (to watch that: https://en-gb.invajo.com/event/ace/urgentcareforvetsnursestriage ).

We now continue with Part 2, an interactive discussion on this essential topic where two clinical cases will be described in an online live session format.



The course is aimed for veterinary nurses and veterinarians that want to improve their skills in Triage. 



 Eva Saskia Müller (Dr. med. vet, FTÄ, CSAVP). Eva is a senior physician and head of the department of Anesthesia, Pain Management, Emergency and Critical Care Medicine at AniCura Ahlen GmbH-Fachzentrum für Kleintiere. She studied in Giessen, Germany and Vienna, Austria and wrote her doctoral thesis at the Justus Liebig University (JLU) in Giessen. She worked for many years at the Clinic for Small Animal Surgery of the JLU in the department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management, where she was most recently a senior physician in this department. Eva completed a four year specialisation program and she is a veterinary specialist in anesthesiology, intensive care medicine and pain management. After three years of international training, she also obtained the European Certificate of Advanced Studies CSAVP in Veterinary Medicine: Anaesthesia, Pain Management, Emergency and Critical Care (APMECC) from the University of Luxembourg. 

Eva is now part of the team at AniCura Ahlen. 


- How to apply a problem-based method to your clinical cases

- How to approach emergency cases in a systematic way, reducing the risk of medical error and increasing efficiency

- Asking the right questions to gather the information we really need


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You can read more about the Urgent Care Series here: Urgent Care Series

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