Nurses Certificate in Anaesthesia

Nurses working in general or in specialised veterinary clinics, often need to have a broad understanding and knowledge of anaesthesia. Especially as veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia have advanced significantly during recent years. This certificate programme is a collaboration between AniCura Continuing Education (ACE) and Improve, intended to give tools suitable for nurses who wish to develop their skills and improve in all different areas of anaesthesiology.

The programme entitles eligable nurse participants to sit an examination. A Nurse Certificate in Anaesthesia (NCertAnaesthesia) will be awarded the candidates passing the examination.

The Nurses Certificate in Anaesthesia programme will review the latest anaesthetic and monitoring equipment, the selection of key anaesthetic and analgesic agents, techniques for safe anaesthesia and effective analgesia in dogs, cats and exotics. The programme will increase confidence in this vital area of veterinary nursing. 

The lecturers Nicola Grint and Pamela Murison from the UK, are anaesthesiology specialists with a strong driving force to share their knowledge to others. Read more about them in the subpage  "Lecturers". 

The target group for this course are qualified AniCura nurses with practical and theoretical experience of anaesthesiology who wish to deepen their knowledge and develop their anaesthesiology skills.

The course language is English.

Travel arrangements for the on-site modules (16-17 Jan 2024, 18-19 Jun 2024) have to be arranged by each participant. 

We will be staying at Novarello Hotel Resort & Spa - Novara, about 1 hour from Milano, Italy. Please note that AniCura Group covers the cost of training, lunch and dinner during these days and also accommodation. Travel to and from Italy is to be covered by your clinic. More information about the accomodation (location etc.) is found under the subpage 'Accommodation' so please read that thoroughly. 

We strongly recommend flying into Milan Malpensa Airport as it the closest airport and we will be organizing transfers from this airport to the hotel.

The Nurses Certificate in Anaesthesia programme is built on eight different modules. See subpage "Programme". The first two modules will be conducted on-site in the MVH Training Center in Novara, Italy. Four modules will be live streamed online. The dates for the different modules are:

Module 1 - The Anaesthetic Machine and Monitoring Equipment
16 Jan, 2024  (09:30-17:00)
On-site, face-to-face

Module 2 - Pre-anaesthetic Assessment and Pre-medication. Intravenous and Inhalant Anaesthetics
17 Jan, 2024 (08:30-16:30)
On-site, face-to-face

Module 3 - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Accidents and Emergencies
08 Feb 2024 (09:30-17:00)
Live stream, online

Module 4 - Anaesthesia of Equine and Exotic species
15 Mar 2024 (09:30-17:00)
Live stream, online

Module 5 - Fluid Therapy in the Perioperative Period. Nutrition in Critical Care
15 Apr 2024 (09:30-17:00)
Live stream, online

Module 6 - Analgesia and Pain Assessment
17 May 2024 (09:00-17:00)
Live stream, online

Module 7 - Anaesthetic Considerations for Specific Conditions I
18 Jun 2024 (09:00-17:00)
On-site, face-to-face

Module 8 - Anaesthetic Considerations for Specific Conditions II
19 Jun 2024 (08:30-16:30)
On-site, face-to-face

Nurses attending the anaesthesia programme will receive:
- A defined course syllabus with learning objectives for each taught module
- Access to a learning management system for pre- and post- module questions and self-reflections, course notes library, discussion forums and other study resources
- A dedicated programme lecturer to provide course support
- Reading lists relevant to each module and extra information sources given by the module lecturer. These may include textbook chapters, journals, papers or web-based material.

For detailed learning objectives see details for each module in the attachment "Learning objectives".  

The price for the whole programme is EUR 2.666 excl VAT. Included in the price are lectures of all eight modules, course notes, online support and the certificate examination. If a re-examination is needed this will be invoiced separately. It is only possible to register for the whole programme (four courses of two days each).

The costs for AniCurians are covered by the Central AniCura L&D Team, so there are no costs for the participant or clinic, except travel cost. However, in case a participant does not show up, the costs will be reimbursed to the clinic, which is EUR 2.666 excl VAT.

If you have any questions, read our FAQs or contact your practice manager or Late cancellation/no-show fees will be invoiced. See "General Terms and Conditions"

Places are filled on a 'first come, first served' basis. 

For "General Terms and Conditions", see attachment.

To sign up to the programme start by selecting quantity in the booking option below. Secondly you fill in your personal details, email address and answer the questions. Thirdly select payment by card and fill in requested information. To finalise your booking press the button "Book" at the end. Confirm your registration by pressing the button "Confirm" in the pop-up window. Within a few minutes you will receive a booking confirmation to your email, follow the link in the email to complete your booking. When you have done that you will receive another email with a receipt for the event. Once you have received the receipt for the event, you are registered. If you have any questions about this you are more than welcome to contact us at

At AniCura we work actively to take responsibility for the environment. We also aim to provide course notes digitally whenever possible. Thus we save on the environment. Thank you in advance!

Please contact if you have any questions.

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