Essential and Emergency Soft tissue Surgery, 2024

Welcome to AniCura Essential and Emergency Soft Tissue Surgery Programme!

This is a programme that focuses on the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for successful soft tissue surgery in general as well as in referral practice. 
The programme is open for veterinarian across all AniCura countries, allowing sharing knowledge and experiences with colleagues and providing opportunities to build an international network.
The programme is aimed for AniCura veterinarians wanting to update or consolidate prior fundamental soft tissue surgery learnings. The programme is international therefore proficiency in English is required to be able to follow and interact during training events.

This programme offers a comprehensive overview of essential soft tissue surgery procedures and processes common in every day practice, with plenty of opportunities for deep dives and discussions of specific subjects. 

The programme consists of combination of self studies of the study material "Basic Cutting Edge" and other online materials, five live webinars and two onsite face-to face two-days practical trainings, over a 20-week period. These practical training days are March 22-23 and May 24-25 (Fridays and Saturdays). These trainings will be held in Jevnaker, Norway. All other parts of the programme is online. 

The start webinar is January 19th, 2024, 08:00 -09:00.

The programme language is English. There is a maximum of 20 participants to allow for interactive discussions and practical trainings. The programme seats are filled on a “First come, first served" basis. A waiting list is available.
Accreditation for specialist programmes and national credit points can be discussed by contacting the organiser.

To reach the most successful outcome a practice-based mentor is recommended. A mentor able to support and coach and ensuring that the learnings of the programme are put in practice. The responsibility to arrange with a mentor for each programme participants lies with the practice manager of the AniCura clinic.

For a good online experience a computer and a stable internet connection is required, a headset is also recommended. The participants are expected to take part interactively, on camera, during the webinar sessions. Detailed instructions will be sent out approximately one week before the start of the programme. A programme certificate requires attendance to all webinars, the practical trainings and completed assignments, and is sent after completion of the course. 

After completing the Essential and Emergency Soft Tissue Surgery Programme participants will:

·       Understand the importance of aseptic preparation of patient and surgeon and how to achieve it
·       Be able to provide emergency wound care to a patient
·       Master one-hand, two-hand and instrument tying techniques
·       Know how to delicately handle instruments and tissues
·       Be confident in basic soft tissue surgeries including mass removal, auricle and tail amputation and closure of wounds with simple reconstructive         techniques
·       Master dog and cat neutering in female and male patients
·       Be able to perform simple gastro-intestinal and urological surgery without supervision
·       Understand how to perform a thorough exploratory celiotomy and take biopsies of any abnormality encountered
·       Know how to perform an emergency tracheotomy and treat acute urethral obstruction
·       Realize that before performing more advanced surgical techniques additional studying, practice and training are required
·       In general feel confident and competent when scheduled to do soft tissue surgical procedures

This programme is developed by specialists and members of AniCura Medical Interest Group Surgery and Orthopaedic. Many AniCura Suregy specialists will  will lecture and instruct in the practical trainings.

For more detailed information on the lecturers, please see subpage "Lecturers" 

The “Essential and Emergency Soft Tissue Surgery Programme” is free of charge. The cost is covered by AniCura Group. But costs for travel and accommodation during face-to-face trainings need to be covered by the clinic budget. Attendance to all programme components is mandatory. If less than 80% of the programme is attended a ‘no-show’ fee that covers programme expenses (EUR ) will be charged the clinic. 

For General Terms and Conditions, see attachment.

Application to the programme is done through this registration site. Applications are completed and sent in by the programme participant, reassuring in the registration that the Practice Manager has approved of the registration. The approval of the Practice Manager includes fully committing to provide support and time for the programme participant to attend all parts of the programme.

To sign up to the programme start by selecting quantity in the booking option below. Secondly you fill in your personal details, email address and answer the questions. To finalise your registration click "Book" at the end. Confirm your registration by clicking the "Confirm" in the pop-up window. Within a few minutes you will receive a booking confirmation to your email. Follow the link in the email to complete your booking. When you have done that you will receive another email with a registration confirmation. Once you have received the confirmation for the ptogramme, the registration is complete. If you have any questions about registration, you are more than welcome to contact us at

Please contact if you have any questions.

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