Disinfection – what does it mean? April 5th

In our daily work we do a lot of cleaning and disinfection but what does it really mean? What is the difference between disinfection and cleaning? In addition, at AniCura we want to use environmentally and user friendly (work safety) methods for cleaning and disinfection.

Today, disinfection will be presented by one of preferred partners for disinfection.

LifeClean is a high-level disinfection for surfaces and tools that is without alcohol and chlorine. LifeClean eliminates bacteria including multi-resistant strains, spores, viruses, yeast and fungi, mold, and certain parasites. It is effective removing biofilm.

The product is a patented and stable disinfectant based on ClO2. The product meets European (EN) standards and has undergone clinical testing by third-party institutes and laboratories.

LifeClean is not classified as hazardous according to 1272/2008 regulation of Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) and breaks down to easily degradable residues (salt and water). It is user-friendly and has no hazard pictograms on the data safety sheet.  

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