ACE Webinar: Intestinal dysbiosis: how to modulate the intestinal microbiota in diseases in dogs and cats

Join Dr Fabio Procoli, DMV, MVetMed, DipACVIM, DipECVIM-CA, MRCVS, MIG Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine lead, for a recorded webinar on "Intestinal dysbiosis: how to modulate the intestinal microbiota in disease in dogs and cats".

Intestinal dysbiosis has recently become the focus of attention of human and veterinary scientific research. The reason is that the qualitative and quantitative abnormalities of the intestinal flora have been linked to the pathogenesis of several diseases both within and outside of the gastrointestinal tract, such as diabetes, allergy, immune mediated syndromes and neuropsychiatric disorders. 

Therefore, the beneficial modulation of the intestinal microbiota could lead to resolution and/or prevention of such diseases. In this webinar Dr Fabio Procoli will talk of intestinal dysbiosis of dogs and cats from all point of views focusing on diagnosis and treatment in the context of gastrointestinal disorders and reviewing recent scientific evidence. Finally, using real clinical case examples will make all concepts treated more practical. Ultimately, he will try to make a complex topic easier to understand and approach!


Link to the webinar recording on the ACE Learning platform.

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