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AniCura’s strategy is our roadmap towards a better veterinary care and a sustainable business.

High medical quality

AniCura’s ambition is to provide the highest medical quality available through continuous development. The quality work at each veterinary clinic is supported by a continued development and expansion of our companywide program for medical quality development, QualiCura. We invest in the development of our platforms for knowledge sharing between individuals and clinics.

Excellent customer service

AniCura shall exceed our customers’ expectations on service, customer experience and information. We improve availability at more clinics, develop our customer surveys and let the most successful animal hospitals and clinics serve as roles models for others. We train our employees in customer communication and enhance the digital customer experience.

Passionate employees

AniCura’s ambition is to be the most attractive employer within veterinary care. A strengthened leadership is an integral part of achieving our goal. We train new managers in value based leadership, we expand our educational offering and ensure successful successions at our clinics.

An effective customer value chain

Through planning and professional support to our clinics we strive to ensure an efficient customer value chain without unnecessary costs and waiting times affecting our customers. The initiative includes scheduling of staff, waiting time at clinics and on the phone, as well as processes for registration. We ensure a fair pricing where each customer stands for its own costs and pricing is transparent.

Strong partner for clinics

AniCura’s ambition is to be the primary choice for owners of veterinary clinics who are eager to develop their clinics and become part of a European network. Our efforts to visualize the possibilities within AniCura and welcome new clinics to AniCura is an important part of our growth strategy.