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Laboratory diagnostics for the emergency patient


Welcome to an online course in Laboratory diagnostics for the emergency patient!

This fully online course is aimed at veterinarians working with emergency patients wanting to learn how to use available laboratory diagnostics effectively and accurately.

The course is accredited for the Swedish Specialist in diseases in dogs and cats programme.

The course is given in English.

Learning objectives: After the course the participants will be able to:

  • Set up a structured diagnostic approach to an emergency patient
  • Ensure correct sampling and avoid common laboratory errors
  • Understand the hematology analyses reports and use them in a correct way
  • Interpret acid base measurements and act to correct these disorders
  • Understand the use of proteins and electrolytes in the emergency patient
  • Diagnose renal, liver, pancreatic and diabetic emergency patients

Course description: The course is set up in four modules, each with their own topic. Each module contains pre-recorded webinars, case discussions, quizzes and recommended literature. Each module will finish with a live interactive webinar session. During the duration of the course there will be a possibility to interact with the lecturer. The pre-recorded material is released three weeks prior to the live webinars and can be accessed in your own time. Dates are set for the live interactive webinars.

Module 1 Hematology: erythrocytes and platelets, focusing on diagnostics in acute anemia and diagnosing the bleeding patient

Module 2 Diagnostics of kidney diseases and basic acid base disorders

Module 3 Hematology: leukocytes and inflammation, follow up of hemostasis

Module 4 Chemistry: enzymes, metabolic analytes and proteins

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