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Sustainability priorities

AniCura’s sustainability work is focused on four key areas where we have significant impact on society.

In 2018, AniCura engaged with its stakeholders to understand their views on AniCura’s impact in society and which areas that are most important for AniCura to focus on.

In the stakeholder dialogue, more than 1,000 customers and employees across five countries were invited to give their input through surveys and interviews.

Based on their input and an analysis of AniCura’s value chain, four areas emerged as key:


Medical quality and antibiotic use

  • Medical quality program
  • Wiser use of antibiotics
  • Improved infection control
  • Structured incident handling
  • Reliable diagnostic medicine

Our people

  • A values-based organisation
  • Strengthening leadership
  • Sustainable working conditions
  • Competence development

Preventive care

  • Preventive health plan
  • Digital support/online care

Environmental impact

  • Improved waste management
  • Reduced transports
  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable procurement