Surgery is an important part of veterinary care and is under constant development.

Surgery is a broad field that includes many different types of surgical procedures and specializations such as orthopaedics, neurosurgery and thoracic surgery.

Most operations are planned, but some acute illnesses and injuries such as urinary retention and gastric volvulus require urgent treatment and emergency surgery. An increasing number of AniCura’s surgeons perform neurosurgery, spinal surgery and thoracic surgery or orthopaedic procedures such as fracture surgery and ACL surgery.

Collaboration and Expertise within AniCura

AniCura’s surgical interest group is very active and organizes symposiums and internal supplementary training for interested colleagues. The group is led by surgeons with specialist degrees who hold discussions about various illnesses and the latest research findings. The surgery group ensures a high, up-to-date level of knowledge and contributes to inspiration and development within AniCura.

A large proportion of AniCura’s surgeons regularly receive referral cases from other animal hospitals and veterinarians thanks to their high skills, reputation and good results.